Meet The Artist

Jennifer Frost is a self-taught, trash transforming, eco-warrior. She loves all things natural, so naturally, her art is inspired by nature.

Jennifer is a romantic dreamer, reclusive introvert, and is usually moody...basically she is an artist. 

An Incredible Story

Jennifer recovers thousands of plastic bottles floating in her local river, and transforms them into stunning artworks.  How the heck does she accomplish this? Read on!

After collecting, Jennifer hurries back to the studio in a frenzy with a head full of inspiration. She proceeds to scrub off the gunk, cut and sculpt her plastic into incredible, and interesting forms, paint a masterpiece on the canvas, paint the plastic, then assemble it all into a gorgeous design.

Commissions Are Welcome

Jennifer's original work comes in a variety of fun and exciting designs. For those looking for unique color combos, and subject material, commissions are a must! 

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